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Puiaki Supply  for Metal Detecting, Gold Prospecting, Gold Fossicking, Gold Mining Plus Panning equipment. We are the sole New Zealand Distributer of Fisher Metal Detectors and  W.W Manufacturing professional Landscaping and Garden tools.

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For the legendary Lesche Knife and other digging
tools, see our tools page

Sand Scoop $60
Galvanized metal, a
must for the beach


F-Point Pin Pointer $85
Inexpensive no frills, but effective unit

Fisher Headphones $150
Any headphones will work,
but these are top quality

Neoprene Covers $30
F2 F4 and Gold Bug Pro
($40 for F75 Face + Battery covers)

Padded Carrying Bag $60
Fits all detectors

Gold Bug 2 10 and 6.5 elliptical $200
Gold Bug 5 DD Round Coil $200
Gold Bug 10 DD Coil $220
Gold Bug 11 DD Coil $220
F75 5 DD Coil $200

Coil Covers All sizes $20
Fits all detectors

Fisher Deluxe Gold Prospecting Kit
Includes: heavy duty plastic (made in USA) 10 and 14 gold pan, and classifier, two vials, snuffer bottle, black sand magnet, scoop, bag and guide. $150

14 Gold Pan $30


Shafts $25 

Shafts $25
Standard and extra long

Various other pieces and parts available check with us




What is the difference between coils?
DD (double D) coils send out a wedge shaped signal, concentric coils send out a cone shaped signal.
Larger coils go deeper and cover more ground, while smaller coils pick up smaller targets. So typically small coils are used when hunting gold nuggets and in trashy areas with many targets in close proximity to each other.
With dual-purpose machines like the F75 and the Gold Bug Pro, the standard practice is to use a 5 coil for gold and a larger coil for everything else.


Detector prices include delivery, accessory prices do not.
 If ordering accessories without a detector, add $10 for postage ($5 for coil and rain covers)



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